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As Dusk Falls

Still & video asset creation Social copy writing – including Steam blogs Influencer identification & liaison Embedded with key studio stake-holders


Interior/Night brought us onboard to plan the social comms for the launch of their debut title – As Dusk Falls. I/N needed a creative agency that that could plan & activate social campaigns for the studio, be reactive to social media trends & events, and be comfortable working alongside Xbox Publishing – acting as the voice of the studio in all social marketing discussion with Xbox to ensure bolt on Xbox marketing was true to the ethos of the team, whilst ensuring the subject matter didn’t breach Xbox’s style of social marketing or what they would be able to cover as far as weapons/language/18+ content.


The Comms team embedded themselves with Interior/Night and worked with key stakeholders at the studio to draft potential campaigns for pre-launch, launch, key events for the studio and beyond. The campaign planning was collaborative, with the I/N regularly feeding back and being fully involved in the directions we wanted to take.

The game’s core themes were carefully considered when it came to the look and feel of assets as well as the language used in copy. We created an extensive language bible to assist both us and the Xbox Publishing team in how best to cover the game via social media copy.

Pre-launch, we executed a Meet the Team series (still assets) – clearly highlighting the game and movie pedigree within the studio – as well as deep-dives into the locations, soundtrack and characters of As Dusk Falls.We also ran multiple campaigns covering the in-game themes, the choice/consequence aspect, the rich storytelling and how to play multiplayer and use the in-game streaming tools.

We continue to look after Interior/Night’s social media post launch, including assisting studio in celebrating multiple award wins on social media via engaging content (link to Game Award tiktok here?), conceptualising, filming, editing and posting videoed Meet the Team interviews (focusing on some of the more junior devs. in the studio), reactive social trend posts and launching both a tiktok and threads account amongst many other activations.


Xxx% rise in followers since we came on board

Xxx% engagement

Interaction on social media from VIPs (tbc)

Reactive posting success (thb)

Some other things I can’t think of right now (tbc)